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Trista Morris
Carole Morris

Art of Trista Studios

Art is incredibly important. For some, it drives us - for others, it inspires the ability to grow and evolve. The truth is, without art, we would not have buildings to paint, cars to drive, or many of the modern day inventions we currently use to make our lives easier.

To me, I am the art that I create, and I am the art that I promote. Every piece I do has fragments of myself within it. I began creating when I was 6 years old and it has always been a dream of mine to make art my life and my living. I have done work all over the Metroplex thus far- selling at art auctions, art shows, coffee shops, and attending vendor shows. While I enjoy working on canvas, I enjoy creating on textured surfaces as well. I have made it my life's purpose to paint anything and everything.

I began officially selling my artwork after 6 years of managing and teaching for an art studio in Grapevine, Texas. Art is a passion that I enjoy sharing with other people, teaching is a passion because I enjoy watching others discover themselves when they learn to create.

Every piece of work I do is infused with my experiences, my visions, and my dreams. I am always happy to share those experiences with others.

Associations: The Grackle Art Gallery, Mike Morph'd Mohawk of the Keller Council for the Arts