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Magnolia Village

Block 2

Tim McGinley

Broken HeART

As I think about my art it is all inspired by the why. Our son passed away unexpectedly and it has been hard to find joy and happiness in my life until I began experimenting with painting and this has really changed my life. It has opened up a whole new world for me and changed my outlook on life. I love sharing my work with others and listening to all comments as it helps me understand how they interpret the work as well as develop different combinations and techniques.

I enjoy and am amazed by how the colors swirl together and create such beautiful pieces of art. I enjoy testing different application methods that create their own special effects. Whether I am doing straight acrylic pours or applying different techniques they are all different and unique pieces of art. In looking at the piece, I can see joy in the color combinations and find special creations within the colors - they flow so effortlessly and are only enhanced by your imagination. I feel that we are all on a journey and sometimes the path we take is not how we originally set out - sometimes it will be effortlessly and sometimes more turmoil which is reflected in almost all paintings as the colors swirl.