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Magnolia Village

Block 3

Jesse Johnson


I love exploring all mediums of art so I guess you could say I’m a “multi-medium” artist. I have a lot of traditional art works, but lately I’ve been focusing a lot more on digital art; creating all of my digital art straight from my iPad, then printing on posters and canvas.

My art work is part of a new and emerging style called “Visionary Art”, using a lot of faith based symbolism and otherworldly imagery to express the deeper parts of our existence in this universe.

All of my art is influenced by everyday reality, seen and unseen, in the waking state, dream state, or meditative state. I am heavily influenced by existence itself and I make this type of art, because it’s a way for me to express all of my opinions about life through the art form I love. In making these images I hope to pull the viewer out of their comfort zone and give them a glimpse into a world of higher consciousness that they might not have ever considered before.