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Laura Gonzalez

Bellas Flowers 03

I started making paper flowers out of necessity. When you have post partum you really need a way to get your mind out of the depths of your despair. Being a stay at home mom made me very creative. I’ve always been creative and aspired to let my hands to the talking. I started helping my friends with decor ideas and it took off from there. My canvases mean power to the women. Frida inspired me so much. And after I made my pieces and saw out of necessity and depression what loveliness I had made I had found my calling. And with making so much with my hands seeing what I had made and filling up peoples walls with a pop of color I named my shop Bellas flowers. After my daughters name Annabella. I love what I do and we would love to be a part of arts goggle. Through our bible verse canvases that made us stronger and our flowerfull Fridas that gave us power.