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Magnolia Village

Block 5

Melissa Getty

Denton Ceramics Collective

Pause and look around, beauty is everywhere. A fallen tree has the most amazing things hidden away. From the decay of something that was once mighty and beautiful, you will discover an array of fascinating microorganisms, fungi, animals, and insects. Though small, they are a necessary and integral part of nature’s design.

Everything in nature is altered over time, from the largest mountains to the smallest flowers. My work emulates nature’s designs, textures, and colors. I use ceramics, metals, and other mixed media to stop time and capture some of these moments to be shared with others. I want to keep them in an unchanging state to be considered by the viewer. I love to create functional art and prefer pieces that are aesthetically pleasing as well utilitarian. Nothing brings me more joy that to have a person choose my work and to see them put it to use.

Associations: Denton Ceramics Collective (myself, Erin Allice, Sarah Carlile, and Bryanna Wright)