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Magnolia Village

Block 13

Teal Delli Gatti
Liz Jimenez

Living Pottery

Our two distinct crafts come together to produce a holistic piece of life and art. It begins when Teal handcrafts her pottery from clay, using stoneware or porcelain to create shapes that partner well with plant life. Meanwhile, Liz propagates her plants, nurturing them until they are large enough to be transplanted into one of Teal's pieces. Liz continues to care for the plants until their roots have expanded and they are ready to go to new homes.

Teal’s pieces reflect her upbringing in the Rocky Mountains; she uses stains to replicate the pattern of bark or selects glazes that reflect colors of mountain spring water, moss, and other natural elements. Liz’s living arrangements complement the pottery; she uses tumbling plants that spill over the sides like waterfalls, or a group of succulents that rise from low pottery like mountains in the distance.

All people have a connection to nature, but in our modern times, it is too easy to fill our lives with conveniences and technology and to close our windows to nature’s wonders. Teal & Liz combine clay, fire, earth, plants, time, and patience into works of art that bring a little bit of nature back into your home.