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Magnolia Village

Block 18 - Moncrief Cancer Institute Plaza

Ivan Collins

Beer Can Art

How I got to where I am at now really started by me collecting beer caps. I’ve always looked at the art on the bottle. Or the cap. Or the six pack cases. And More and more breweries have gone to cans. Versus bottles. Which has made the process cheaper and has helped smaller breweries to be able to continue to operate. So I started looking at the art on the cans and wondered how or what I could do with the cans without just saving all of them? So I started by cutting out the shape of Texas and would put the art, or the name of the beer to where it fits geographically to the state. And then I would look for cans that I could do a whole state and display one can that I liked. And as things progressed I got more and more ideas of using old picture frames and would display cans that had all people on them. Or animals. Or vehicles. People with mustaches. And put that on a shape of a mustache. Or a guy getting shaved with a hatchet and put the cans on a cut out of a hatchet. And as I continue in this desire to either showcase a single can on a whole piece. Or Multiple cans on a piece I fell that I can make new art from art itself that would normally be just thrown away.